Our Story...

Our House Runneth Over Antiques-S and S Pawn LLC, was established in 2010 by owners Larry and Cathy Skeet.

Larry and Cathy married in 1963 and over the years they enjoyed the hunt for treasures at farm auctions and, "Digs." It was a hobby and entertainment they both loved. They started with bottles and jars but soon their search diversified in many directions and the collections grew!

The idea of owning an antique store became Cathy's retirement dream.  The years past and the barn and house filled with treasures they had found, inherited, and acquired from estates. They found that their house was truly running over with antiques and collectibles. Now they wish to share the treasures they found and collected with you.


Larry and Cathy Skeet invite you to search through their online collections.  For more unique finds they look forward to visiting Our House Runneth Over Antiques-S and S Pawn LLC, located in downtown Ottawa, Kansas.

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